Lap Harp Recipient Rosemarie Hernandez (2005)

The 2005 Angel Harp recipient was an individual, Rosemarie Hernandez.

Rosie was born in Chula Vista on December 15, 1991, and as a Down’s syndrome victim, she faces many medical challenges.

Her mother was serving on a committee at Castle Park Middle School when she met Dianna Woodley and first learned about Angel Harps.

She felt that the Angel Harp lap harp would benefit her daughter and so applied for consideration.

Rosie’s instructor graciously agreed to write a letter of recommendation explaining just how the young girl would benefit from harp music therapy.

It was with great celebration that Rosemarie received her unique lap harp.


Above: Rosie Hernandez proudly shows off her Blevins lap harp awarded to her by Angel Harps.

Rosemarie loves her harp and plays it everyday and the healing harp has helped her in many ways.

Today she continually smiles –and the great thing is that she also spreads that joy to others.

Rosemarie’s mother had this to share with Angel Harps:

Rosemarie attended Allen Ann Daley Elementary School in Bonita, where she was in the special education program.

At that time I was on the committee at Castle Park Middle School where I met Dianna.

She told me about her Angel Harps organization and that she was giving one away, so I had asked her how I could apply for one.

I even had Rosie’s teacher write a letter on why Rosie would benefit from an Angel Harp.

Rosie was thrilled when she received her harp.

Rosie loves her harp and plays it everyday–and plays it from her heart. The lap harp has helped her in so many ways.

She will not let anyone touch her harp and she won’t take it to school because it means so much to her.

I really appreciate everything that Dianna has done for my daughter, Rosiemarie.

My daughter loves to talk, loves music and to watch her movies-plus she has lots and lots of friends.

Rosiemare is now 16 years old and she currently attends Castle Park High School.

She has a lot of medical issues and so she is sick quite often. But she has a smile all the time, whether she is sick or not.

Our sweetheart makes everyone laugh and we call her our “angel from heaven.”