The Healing Tones of the Harp

Angel Harp Healing Tones

Angel Harp Healing TonesWe have recently been visiting a dear friend who has been battling Gastroparesis for the majority of her life. Julie Blunt is an ongoing inspiration to all of us at Angel Harps and we are fortunate to be able to spend time with her and share with her the healing tones of the angel harp.

Julie has told us on multiple occasions that she finds the tones of the harp soothing, helping her to relax and rest, despite the frequent pain and discomfort that she faces. Gastroparesis is a rare disorder of the stomach and digestive system, which prevents the body from properly digesting food. As a result of the disease, Julie receives most of her nutrients intravenously and she spends quite a bit of time in the hospital dealing with the various complications that arise from long-term treatment for Gastroparesis.

Angel Harp Healing TonesThrough it all, however, Julie’s spirit has remained strong and she writes regularly in her online journal to keep friends and family updated on her progress. You can read Julie’s story and learn more about her journey here: We’ll continue to visit Julie throughout her journey, always offering the soothing sounds of the Angel Harp and drawing strength and hope from Julie’s unwavering courage and determination.

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