Lap Harp Recipient Chula Vista High School (2009)

Mr. George Ohnesorgen, the principal of Chula Vista High School, accepted an Angel Harp on behalf of the 175 students in the Special Education Department making this one of two harps donated in 2009.


Above: George Ohnesorgen, Dianna Woodley, & Julie Marsh at the Benefit Concert & Awards Ceremony

Chula Vista High is part of the Sweetwater Union High School District which is one of the nation’s fastest-growing school districts according to the New York Times.

Dianna Woodley of Angel Harps has a special place in her heart for the school district her kids attended–but it is the kindness and generosity of the CVH neighbors that makes it a special school and community.

Angel Harps had its humble beginnings in Chula Vista. It is a city that continues to support efforts to help improve the quality of life for Chula Vista High students and the local community.

Dianna Woodley and Angel Harp fans look forward to seeing more exciting news from these lap harp recipients in the future.