Lap Harp Recipient Greg Rogers Elementary School (2008)

Greg Rogers Elementary School’s special education teacher, Christine Michaela Richards (NSH, SDC) was the recipient of the 2008 Angel Harp.

Christine Michaela Richards was selected as the lap harp recipient because of her hard work and dedication to the Greg Rogers Elementary School special needs students.

The school is known as Rogers Elementary School and is part of the Chula Vista Elementary School District.

The elementary school is committed to providing a successful, safe, challenging, and nurturing educational experience, while promoting the joy and importance of learning for all children attending the school.

Angel Harps agrees with the Rogers Elementary School slogan which states, “Each child is an individual of great worth.”

Dianna Woodley said, “We are so pleased to have been able to award the lap harp to this amazing teacher so that the special needs students can benefit from healing harp music therapy.”

Who knows? Perhaps the magic qualities of the Angel Harps will enchant some of these children to become harpists.

Angel Harps thanks Christine Michaela Richards for her hard work and hopes that this lap harp will take her teaching to another level and enhance the classroom experience for all the special needs students enrolled in her classes.