Harp Music Therapy From Mystical to Medical

elivia-kid-harp Although not popularly known, the soothing, healing music of harps is known around the world and the latest research studies can be found in the Harp Therapy Journal.

Studies have found that the music reduces tension, causes a reduction in stress, affects heartbeat, improves pain management, and have compare the impact between live and recorded music.

For instance, Jayne Standley of Florida State University conducted studies at the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and found babies exposed to the music actually left the hospital earlier than those who did not.

Other harpists, such as Sue Raimond, provide music therapy for pets and harp enrichment programs for zoo animals in notable facilities such as San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park.

Even though some people still scoff at the idea of alternative therapies, new research studies are supporting anecdotal observations that have been shared for ages.

We believe the story of how the Angel Harps mission to help children attracts sponsorship on the local, regional and national levels would be of interest to viewers in a variety of media outlets.

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