Lap Harp Award Recipient Music Therapy Center of California (2010)

2010 Lap Harp Recipient Music Therapy CenterAngel Harps Award To Music Therapy Center Will Help Special Needs Children

Dianna Woodley, founder of Angel Harps will award two specially designed lap harps to the Music Therapy Center of California (MTCC).

The Music Therapy Center of California was selected to receive the awards because of their music therapy work and dedication to serve special needs children.

MTCC will accept the custom built Blevins lap harps at the Angel Harps annual benefit concert on May 16, 2010 at St John’s Episcopal Church in Chula Vista California.

Dianna Woodley said, “Our goal is to get harp music therapy to as many special needs children as we can. The Music Therapy Center of California has a similar goal and we are thrilled about this award.”

Founded in 2003, Angel Harps is a 501.C3 non-profit organization whose proceeds go to provide healing harps for children with disabilities.

The Angel Harps mission is to provide physically and emotionally challenged individuals with the opportunity to heal through harp therapy–and to promote the health and strength of a community by addressing the physical and emotional needs of the less fortunate in low income areas.

Based in San Diego County, the Music Therapy Center of California (MTCCA) was founded in the fall of 2003 with the goal of bringing quality music therapy services to children with special needs through the use of music therapy strategies.

Julie Guy and Angela Neve, co-founders of the Music Therapy Center of California, will accept the award on behalf of their organization.

Featured performers for this year’s annual benefit to raise funds for therapeutic harps for children with disabilities include Kathleen Hartshorne on the Irish Lever Harp and Elivia Melodey playing Singing Crystal Bowls. During intermission, special healers will also offer services by donation.

Sixth Annual Angel Harps Benefit Concert on Sunday, May 16, 2010 at 3:00pm. The annual Angel Harps fundraising event will again be hosted by St. John’s Episcopal Church on 760 First Avenue in Chula Vista, California.

Support the Angel Harp’s mission and enrich the lives of special needs children through direct donation or contact Angel Harps to learn how you might help.