Healing Lap Harps for Camp Victory

Healing Lap Harps for Spina Bifida Week at Camp Victory

Angel Harps donates healing lap harps to Camp Victory On September 23, 24 and 25, 2011, Dianna Woodley’s and two very special healing lap harps visited Camp Victory in Millville, Pennsylvania for the camp’s Spina Bifida Week. The Camp Spifida Retreat is for adults ages 18 and older who are living with spina bifida.

On Friday, September 23, Dianna presented one healing lap harp to Camp Victory, to be used by its campers throughout the entire year, and another to Kelly Seiverling, a long-time Victory camper. Kelly was the first to realize the synergy in the missions of Camp Victory and Angel Harps, and she was the one who reached out to bring the two groups together. Years earlier, Kelly was also the camper who first challenged the previous age limit of 35 for the Camp Spifida Retreat – and now the camp has no upper age limit!

Kelly shares Dianna’s firm belief in the restorative powers of the healing lap harps that will be a new addition to the camp. Dianna is thrilled about Camp Victory and enjoyed spending time with the 13 to 15 campers and several days in the idyllic foothills of central Pennsylvania. With the foliage and serenity of early autumn, the camp was a wonderful experience for all in attendance.

Camp Victory hosts special camps for an array of special needs groups throughout the year. The layout, design and facilities of the camp are geared specifically towards providing the most comfortable, safe and medically-equipped accommodations possible, all in the wooded natural setting of a more traditional camp. The camp’s facilities are available year-round, including an appropriately equipped “Med Shed” that serves as a mini-hospital for everyone who visits.

To learn more about Camp Victory, please visit them online at http://www.campvictory.org

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