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The first of TaxAct’s four service tiers is the Free plan ($0 federal plus $29.95 per state filed). Designed for simple filers with earned income credit, college expenses, retirement income, child tax credit, and dependents, this plan also lets you determine your W-2 form and import your previous returns.

Operating since the early 1990s, TaxSlayer has always been among the least expensive tax filing companies. Best known for its impressive list of supported tax scenarios and excellent refund policy, TaxSlayer helps file more than 10 million personal and business tax returns annually. Step-level and premium packages bring additional options, like live chat and help from the company’s “Ask a Tax Pro” service. Many competitors require a premium package for access to special forms, like investment income or itemized deductions. This means that if you can forgo some of the support features, TaxAct might be the most affordable option in our tax software roundup.

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  • H&R Block also guarantees the accuracy of your return through their small business tax preparation software.
  • The company will also help you respond to any audits at no charge.
  • If the IRS charges penalties because of something wrong with your return, H&R Block will cover these costs.
  • While you can contact customer service for technical issues, they are not trained tax specialists and cannot give you advice for preparing your return.
  • If you find out you could have received a bigger refund with another software’s calculation, the company will reimburse the difference up to only $100 and, once again, that’s in gift cards.
  • If the software makes a mistake on your return, the company will reimburse the cost of IRS penalties up to only $1,000 and that will come in gift cards, not cash.

It’s the pricing that makes FreeTaxUSA arguably the best place to do taxes online. The deal is simple – you won’t be charged anything to file a federal return, regardless of your income, filing status, or the type of 1040 you’re filling out. However, note that filing a state return does incur a $14.99 fee, which is still competitive with most of FreeTaxUSA’s closest competitors.

Affordability is one of the biggest advantages of online tax filing companies. According to a recent survey, the average cost of hiring a tax professional to file your federal and state return is $176, although the figure can go up to as much as $1,563. On the other hand, if you decide to give tax filing software solutions a chance, you’ll probably pay less than $50.

H&R Block, well known for its brick-and-mortar retail presence with about 12,000 locations nationwide, is another popular choice among tax filers. Pricing is lower than some competitors for most of the company’s online tax software solutions, which offer three software versions for personal taxes above the free online tax filing service. Avalara provides cloud-based tax services for businesses of all types and sizes. Services include multiple-entity support for every location and department across your organization as well as product taxability and address validation.

For an additional charge, customers can access global calculation for international compliance, consumer use tax and landed cost calculations, and automated returns filing. Avalara integrates with your POS, CRM, CMS software and shopping carts.

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1040.com offers DIY tax filing with an interview-style filing procedure and free updates from prior filings. This software offers accuracy checks, e-filing with direct deposit for fast refunds, autocomplete state returns and encrypted data security. Additionally, 1040.com allows users to pay the balance with the refund for an additional fee. When the time came to select a best pick for each use case, we looked at a number of factors. We determined our best picks for online tax software based on features, pricing, ease of use, tax preparation features, tax return disbursement options, filing options and access to tax preparation.

We provide online solutions to many issues you might have. We are currently open until 6pm and are open on saturdays. We also answer support requests during non business hours. There is nothing with a $10 add on fee, not sure where you got that. The forms do add the 8867 automatically, once you use the software you will see this.

Also like TurboTax, you can get online help from tax experts. For an extra cost, H&R Block filers can get live phone, chat, and screen-sharing support for all software editions, anda tax professional can review returns before filing.