Angelic Medium – Sharing Psychic Insight on a New Path

dianna_about1For years, Dianna Woodley shared the power of healing through musical harp therapy and at Working with the Angel Harps organization she founded, Dianna offered individuals the opportunity to turn to music as they faced physical and emotional challenges.

Dianna is still tapping into her gifts, but her life is moving in a new direction. She has decided to share her psychic abilities with online clients, providing services as the Angelic Medium. For more than a decade, Dianna has been a spiritual psychic and medium empath, as well as a clairvoyant channeler for nonphysical beings. She will now offer these abilities to the online community at

You may find the answers you’re seeking after consulting with Dianna. The Angelic Medium has listened to her inner guides and remained in tune to her unique perceptions throughout life. She is eager to use the radiant light of love and positive psychic energy to help clients with information on family issues, relationship concerns, and career decisions. Dianna wants to help clients navigate life’s path. She specializes in:

  • Tarot card readings in three different formats
  • Communication with those in the next life
  • Spirit-centered sessions
  • Divination services related to the past, present, and future

Dianna is dedicated to providing the most reliable online psychic readings possible. During medium phone consultations and psychic chats, she wants to help you gain enhanced personal perspective.

After enriching lives with music for years, Dianna is now dedicated to providing psychic direction in love, career and family areas through Contact her today to learn more about her services. Or chat to gain the insight of the Angelic Medium.