Elivia Melodey Singing Crystal Bowls

Singing Crystal Bowls

One of the most enthusiastic and dedicated supporters of Angel Harps is Elivia Melodey of Crystal Vibrations Music. This sound healer specializes in singing crystal bowls but is known internationally for her sound healing concerts and workshops.

Elivia regularly travels across the United States performing for a variety of audiences with over four dozen singing crystal bowls and unusual instruments that include a Blevins harp.

This talented musician has presented workshops for both private and public schools from kindergarten through high school, and provided specialized programs groups such as the Cosmic Kids, Indigo Children, and Children of Today.

Above: News Coverage of Elivia Melodey’s Crystal Vibrations Music

In her work as a singing crystal bowl expert, she has produced four compact disks so that the tones and vibrations of crystal singing bowls are accessible to anyone.

Elivia now sits on the Board of Directors of Angel Harps and has performed at the Angel Harps annual fundraising concerts in 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, and will perform again in 2010.

Her four titles include Terra Firma, Crystal Portal, Journey to Wholeness, and Celestial Memories.