Kathleen Hartshorne Irish Lever Harpista

Kathleen Hartshorne played for the Angel Harps annual fundraiser in 2008, 2009, and will perform again in 2010.

Trained as a classical musician, Kathleen Hartshorne studied at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and is former member of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra Festival Choir.

On a trip to Ireland she became enchanted with the Irish lever harp and the haunting strains of ancient Celtic music.

Ancient Echoes Harpist Katherine Hartshorne

The result?

Hartshorne currently performs solo, and with the Celtic Echoes Band, playing Ancient Irish and Renaissance Music on the Irish Lever Harp throughout the United States and Ireland.

In addition, she teaches harp, piano, and runs a fun and innovative musical play group kids called, “The Wee Ones.”

Her title currently available includes Ancient Echoes.